Big Sky ASHRAE turns to leaders like you to help the community develop the technology that enables high performance, sustainability, and safety for the life of buildings and systems we work and live in every day. Our future depends on your practical experience and knowledge base, which helps us become better prepared, and more marketable for the growing industry.

Becoming involved with ASHRAE provides you with a single resource for keeping up with technical advances in the industry. By joining, you gain direct access to new technology; universally recognized technical information; and you influence the direction of the built environment.

Big Sky ASHRAE is heavily involved with the youth and students in our community and makes a distinct effort to volunteer and participate in STEM-related events. We strive to encourage and nurture younger generations in their pursuits of education while highlighting the benefits of a STEM degree and career.

Our chapter is also involved with the local and state governments and offers input and explanation on industry-related matters.

You can find our current needs under our Volunteer Opportunities page.